The fake philosophy in a lethargic world.

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How are we end up so lazy?

As with most of the trends, motivation covers the problems temporarily rather than solving them.

To go against this ephemeral way of acting, I wrote this article hoping to re-evaluate it.


When at Second World War, some of our ancestors fought fascism and risk their lives for Liberty and Democracy.

Did they had to be motivated to apply for the army?

They did it because back at the time, that was the right thing to do.

They haven’t their heads confused with multiple-choice options. As responsible…

And why it is more feasible than I believed.

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Have you ever wondered through an article that someone claims a 3-digit number of books read per year?

“Fake number for click bate” I was thinking every time such a title passed through my screen.

Back then, one book finished per month was a success for me. A 9–5 job and countless other time-consuming activities seemed too much already.

Six books every month seemed impossible.

Or was it?

This article will express what I learned through the previous year after finishing more than 52 books.

1. Schedule

Early in the morning, late at…

The greatest inspiration.

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Before reading the great Range, I had the impression that expertise is synonym with excellence.

In this article, I will present one particular story of the book that impressed me and why generalists are more likely to thrive.


Jordan famously said that he lost so many shots and games, and that’s why he succeeded.

The “Air” is a synonym of success—the epitome of talent who meets extreme hard work. Persistence and an astonishing occupying engagement with basketball made him the best player ever played the game.

For many is an example of what they have to do to succeed. Persist…

Cold Showers, Vegetables, and Vitamins.

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Highly successful people have some good habits like taking cold showers or eating specific types of foods. According to them, these habits boost their health and lead to overall well-being.

This article will present some of the most famous, backed up with scientific evidence.

Grab your smoothie and stay in the small but helpful piece of information that can help you reach a better, healthier life.

1. Cold Showers

Cold shower, ice bathing, and other cold exposure techniques are known for centuries.

You can find extraordinary examples of people who undermine their body’s limit, with “Iceman being among the most famous.

In a…

…must be funny, in the rich man’s world.

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How is a piece of paper so important?

Money. (Almost) Everyone’s desire. Or not?

In this article, I would try to define my perspective about money, currency, and the economy, and I hope to be quite realistic to help you dethrone it.


Quite literally, money is nothing more than a piece of paper.

No matter how you value it, it is exactly that and nothing more. From a practical point of view, it has no strengths, no practicality, no secret powers.

It’s exactly this non-tangible value that gives it power. Money is a symbol.

Having it gives you power. Lacking…

“And no one is paying attention.”

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With the above phrase, and while explaining the meaning of the Credit Default Swap in the film “The Big Short,” the actor Ryan Gosling could summarise our life’s decisions.

In this article, I will present the meaningful ideas that should govern our lives, hoping to encourage others to discover purpose.

The Art of Giving a F***

I recently finished Mark Mansons’ book, which I found rather short yet insightful.

In the last chapters, Manson speaks about marriage relationships and provides a realistic effect of why we should seek that reality.

Patience, loss, fear, anxiety, upset, victories are everyday struggles and glories. …

And the popular quote “ Trust your guts.”

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Why every time we had to make an important decision, a dilemma appears?

How to proceed when the goal is undetermined? What to do when there is not a clear choice?

In this article, I present my understanding of this phenomenon, destruct the problem, and propose solutions to conquer it.

Blue or Red

The famous film “The Matrix” could help us with the definition.

Have you ever wonder why “Neo”, the film hero, had to make the most critical choice in the story, by selecting two colored pills?

Why not something else?

This futuristic film chose to present the dilemma in one of…

“I Only Write When Inspiration Strikes. Fortunately, It Strikes at Nine Every Morning.”

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Any activity that demands your physical and/or cognitive abilities is better performed when under inspiration.

Or is it?


“In-spir-ation” has its theme the Latin “ Stir” meaning “Breath” literally. How can breathing be produced only under specific circumstances?

For the biological need of inhaling and exhaling air, there are no specific hours and conditions under it must be performed. Fortunately, we breathe at all hours, second after second.

Why so, its metaphorical equivalent is so difficult to find?

Why Is It Rare?

So why do we not feel inspired all the…

Boost-up your knowledge with these essentials.

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How can a gorilla, some kids, and a ball altogether, treat you? And for good?

This article will present three major books that helped me fight the misconceptions and why you should give them a try.

Open your mind, say no to our need for always having right, and may this article provide you with a little more quantified knowledge of what’s going on.

What’s really going on.

1. Factfullness

Some books represent a bigger cause.

Considering the importance of the matters discussed, Factfullness is within the most enlightening books anyone can read.

As the great…

Nikolaos KALES

Well-being, Life-Balance, Skepticism, and Ethics. Stay tuned.

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